Black Sea: Dispatches and Recipes Through Darkness and Light
(Quadrille, 2018)

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Reviewers and judges on Black Sea:

'The next best thing to actually travelling with Caroline Eden - a warm, erudite and greedy guide - is to read her. This is my kind of book.’ 

Diana Henry

'The food in Black Sea is wonderful, but it’s Eden’s prose that really elevates this book to the extraordinary. She captures people, history, and the ineffable soul of cities with astonishing, almost novelistic precision — more than once, even in the headnotes, I felt myself getting lost in the world of the story. I can’t remember any cookbook that’s drawn me in quite like this.'

Helen Rosner, Art of Eating judge 

'Black Sea stood out for me among this year’s finalists for the fascinating framing of its subject, and its vivid, fluent, often beautiful writing.'

Harold McGee, Art of Eating judge 

'Black Sea takes me back to Lawrence Durrell, whose writing influenced my travels and love of exploring Mediterranean culture. Black Sea inspires me to want to travel to this part of the world, and Eden’s writing is so evocative, so precise, with a rare ability to weave history into travel and an eye towards food and how cooking brings diverse people together.'

Frank Stitt, Art of Eating judge 

'For me, Eden does the impossible. She manages to pull the lens back and tell the story of a geographic region, while at the same time she tells stories that are fine-tuned, full of history, facts, and wonder. Her prose at its best reminds me of Lawrence Durrell’s travel writing: taut, colorful, opinionated and full of zest. She interprets her recipes just enough so they are tuned in to what a modern eater would want to make, while at the same time she presents a world of decaying riches and lost histories. The book is a reflection of a place that will probably not be there in quite the same way a decade from now and Eden does a remarkable job of including us in the emotional experience of her travels.'

Edward Lee, Art of Eating judge 

“A book that expands and reorients our understanding and our empathy for a region through its food.”

John Birdsall, Art of Eating judge 

'I really loved it — a beautiful travelogue and an interesting take on a mostly ignored geographic area.'

Sara Jenkins, Art of Eating judge 

‘Witty, wry and wise … a wholly original and vibrant new format … a triumph.”

Historian and author Owen Matthews, Cornucopia Magazine.

'I was immediately drawn to “Black Sea”; its author, Caroline Eden, also wrote “Samarkand,” another cookbook with a strong infusion of history and culture that I loved.’ 

Florence Fabricant, The New York Times 

'Eden’s blazing talent and unabashedly greedy curiosity will have you strapped in beside her… If Sybille Bedford or Patrick Leigh Fermor had included a few recipes in their accounts of their journeys, you’d know exactly where to shelve this gem.’

Christine Muhlke, The New York Times

'A wonderfully inspiring book about a magical part of the world’

Viv Groskop, author of The Anna Karenina Fix

'Part travelogue, part recipe book, this is a love letter to the sea that welcomes strangers , soaked in colour, history, myth and the flavours of many cultures.’ 

Nick Hunt author of Where the Wild Winds Are

'A genuinely erudite dive into the cultures that meet at the Black Sea. Beautiful enough for the coffee table but fascinating enough for the nightstand and useful in the kitchen, too.’

Tim Hayward, Financial Times

'Wonderful … literary’ 

Rachel Roddy, BBC Radio 4.

 'I can't recommend this book highly enough,’ 

Susan Low, Delicious magazine

'It’s her writing – elegant, fluid and as mesmerising as the Black Sea itself – that captures and holds your attention and imagination throughout this journey.’ 

Julia Platt Leonard, The Independent

'What a book Caroline Eden’s Black Sea: Dispatches and Recipes  through Darkness and Light is; an absolutely fascinating, compelling read that sucks you in’

Ed Smith, Rocket & Squash

'It’s packed with human stories as well as history, giving the recipes a significance and resonance.’ 

Diana Henry, Sunday Telegraph

 'This a beautiful book. From the lovely shimmering wave cover … to Eden’s flawless prose, it was a delight opening it and delving in.’ 

Elsewhere Journal

'a sensory exploration of the region… the book’s essays, recipes, and vibrant photographs give you a visceral experience.’ 

The Island Review