BBC Radio 4  - From Our Own Correspondent

I occassionally contribute to From Our Own Correpondent (or ‘ FOOC' as it’s fondly known by its contributors) on BBC Radio 4 and the World Service

I'm almost certainly better at writing the scripts than reading them out, but to me FOOC is the perfect format: 750 words, which translates to five-minutes of radio. In my humble opinion: rarely does a story need to be longer. 

I absolutely love this show and tune in on Saturdays or download the podcast when I travel. All of the podcasts from the show are available here:

My own FOOC’s have covered vodou priests in Haiti, shamans in Kazakhstan, Bangladeshi tribal kings, brides in Samarkand, master weavers - in both Uzbekistan and Bangladesh - and artists in Kyrgyzstan. 

Here are links to a few FOOCs I’ve recorded recently:

Odessa - the Brodsky synagogue
Uzbekistan - why no-one marries in May
Kyrgyzstan - nation-building and flags:
Uzbekistan - master weavers of Marghilan:
Bangladesh - not all mass-market clothes:
BangladeshA new Buddhist Raja::
KazakhstanMeeting shaman in Almaty: